Bad Detectives

Welcome to Bad Detectives!
Create the mystery to solve the crime


It is a stormy night in crime flooded city of Olde Milltown.  As the rain pours down while the city sleeps, a single light remains on at the police headquarters. It’s up to the detectives of the two crime units of Milltown to solve the crimes of the city to restore it back to its glory days. But Milltown’s detectives are as lazy as the city is filthy. Stifling yawns and wanting to go home, the bad detectives are looking for stories to pin to the crimes so they can shut the cases and earn their crime units a badge. The detectives have been so lazy that no murders in the city have ever been solved. Embarrassed about the many unsolved crimes, the chief of police has decided to award a badge of honor to two of the detectives who solve the most crimes.

 The detectives of each unit want to work together, but if the chief of Police finds out, the detectives could be committed for a federal offense. So, each unit of two detectives must work stealthily and pass clues to their partner to put together each story to pin to a crime. But the crimes of the city can only be solved with the eight stories given and every unit is working to solve the same crimes. Which set of bad detectives will form the most stories to solve the crimes and win the badge? Play Bad Detectives and find out for yourself!

48 cards
8 time cards, 8 attire cards, 8 location cards, 8 weapon cards, 8 victim cards, 8 murderer cards
8 sheets with  story-lines listed